This Is Why You Should Always Have A Needle In Your Pocket


Chinese professor claims that needle can save a life in case of stroke. He says that you should always have a needle in your house.

Take time to read this article, because you might save someone’s life by applying the knowledge you are about to acquire.

This is unconventional and yet very effective Chinese method to rescue someone’s life from a stroke.

Tips which will save lives

– When a person gets a stroke, the brain capillaries gradually break. The best you can do in that situation is to remain calm. DO NOT move the patient because by doing so, the capillaries will burst and it will cause brain bleeding!

– Get a syringe or a regular sewing needle. – Sterilize the needle on fire, a lighter or candle.

– Start pricking the tops of all 10 fingers, until they start bleeding. Stab the needle only a few millimeters from the nail.

– If blood does not start to drip immediately, squeeze the finger for the blood to flow.

– When all 10 fingers begin to bleed, wait a few minutes – you will see that the patient will be back to life!

– If the victim’s mouth is distorted, massage the ears until they become red – so blood can come to them.

– Then prick each ear lobe to release two drops of blood of each ear. After a few minutes, the patient should regain consciousness.

Wait until the victim stabilizes and then take him to a hospital.



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